Cardano Stake Pool
Ticker: IRR    Pool ID: 5bc677373fc02147e108ed81304a02d242e535a74d5e9109275cb406


Doing good while doing well

Welcome to the IRR pool

Strict Cold Wallet storage of keys, all server access is with 4096-bit SSH keys on top of a strictly configured Authenticator with rotating passwords from separate devices every 30 seconds.


SERVER Hardware 

These pool servers are future proof, with 6 CPUs each, 16 GB Ram and uses NVME top performing SSD. Great connectivity across continents including the use of Telia backbone in Asia. 

The pool is managed by Scandinavian team that very intently is using German quality hosting. Led by an experienced manager that in the 1990s adopted PGP, compiled customized Linux Kernels and migrated to OpenBSD for increased security and stablility.


Initial pledge is set at 1,500 ADA to attract long term and stable delegation


All data public at PoolTool: IRRPool Link 

Competitive structure of minimum fixed fee and 5%